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MTOnautic – Our remarkable floating platform.

Fitting floats give the MTOsport amazing capability to operate safely along coastlines or lakes fronts where landing and take-off from water are required. This is friendly-face coastal monitoring at its best with low noise, low carbon footprint, excellent performance, and a perfect observation platform.

Maximizing innovation and flexibility, this adaptation of the MTOsport is as versatile as it is technically thought-through and even available as an after-market kit. The Nautic offers access to a wide range of applications that require operation around and over water. The Nautic floats are semi-rigid inflatable and can be swopped with wheels with minimal tools and equipment for normal inland operations.

The MTOsport 2017 equipped with floats can land and take off safely from water, and because of the extremely slow landing speed, can also land safely on firm ground. With a fuel capacity of 96 liters, it can achieve a safe endurance of 4 hours. Our floating platform provides the best opportunity to carry out maritime missions, such as patrol, rescue, and surveillance, whether operating inland or along the coast.

Floats are also available as fully amphibious instead of convertible between floats and wheels. See the MTOamphib.

Main application areas:

  • Unique tourist experience
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Maritime, river, lake monitoring and rescue 
  • Coastal patrol

The Float package is available as a new-build option or retrofit kit. Approval from local aviation authorities may be necessary.

Skymaris AutoGyro MTOnautic

Cavalon Pro

Introducing the Cavalon Pro version of the AutoGyro Cavalon aircraft, compliant with UK Civil Aviation Authority requirements for a UK Standard Category Certificate of Airworthiness. This ICAO-compliant certificate is recognised across the globe, and AutoGyro is the only company in the world with this level of gyroplane certification.

With this certification, the aircraft is permitted to undertake any paid aerial work for which it is equipped and approved, and where a Certificate of Airworthiness is required, especially in Europe. Examples of such work include air taxi, carriage of goods, surveying, police and fire service duties, and much more.

The Cavalon Pro aircraft are fitted with a certified Rotax 914, 915, or 916 iSc engine and constant speed Woodcomp propeller, ensuring maximum safety and reliability. The Cavalon Pro can be supplied either with a UK registration and Airworthiness Certificate, ready to fly under a UK PPL or CPL licence, or with a Statement of Aircraft Conformity for local country acceptance.

Certification includes day and night VFR, and IFR capability.

Most countries, where legislation permits, would recognise and verify the aircraft certification via their systems and award their equivalent. In cases where that is not practical and subject to local aviation legal limitations, the aircraft can undertake aerial work under a UK registration. This certification is equivalent to any other certificated aircraft, such as a Cessna or Airbus, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance for professional use.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and compliant gyroplane for your professional needs, look no further than the Cavalon Pro aircraft. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in professional gyroplane aviation.

AutoGyro 360degree Cavalon Experience
AutoGyro 360degree Cavalon Experience

Cavalon Sentinel

Cavalon Sentinel – our camera platform.

The Cavalon Sentinel may be equipped with day/infrared cameras as the perfect solution for fulfilling missions such as search and rescue, surveillance, and inspection. Such proven equipment can track cars and read license plates from 500 foot AGL (above ground level), and effectively detect the heat signatures of the people and vehicles on the ground.

Generally the cameras are 2- or 3-axis stabilized units with 360 degrees continuous rotation capability, with digital auto video stabilization and target tracking. Optical zoom capability ranges from zero to 30 times, and most infrared systems can provide four times zoom.

Equipped with the Rotax 915 or 916 iS engine, and optional Autopilot, the Cavalon Sentinel has all the capability needed to fulfil your mission requirements. AutoGyro recognises that different mission objectives require different cameras or on-board systems such as LIDAR scanning.

With a multitude of such systems already in service, the AutoGyro advanced engineering team has the skills and knowledge to provide the systems integration needed for such applications. Talk to us about your wants and needs, and we will work with you to find the solution.

AutoGyro is the very proud supplier of fully equipped Cavalon Sentinels to the Turkish Jandarma (Police)

AutoGyro USG-212 Camera SystemAutoGyro USG-212 Camera System

Example application areas:

  • Ground vehicle tracking and recognition
  • Search and rescue
  • (Wild)Fire spotting and tracking
  • General surveillance 
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Media aerial photography
  • Border patrols
  • Overhead line/ Pipeline monitoring 
  • Close protection etc…

Our platform for law enforcement

The Cavalon 915iS is the ideal platform to carry camera equipment and provide aerial support and overview for the officers on the ground. With plentiful energy available from auxiliary alternators, Police radio equipment can easily be powered for excellent communications and still have power for cameras, live stream downlinks, and other on-board systems.

AutoGyro has created a superb cabin ‘office’ environment and will tailor-make one to meet your needs. Our law enforcement models provide aerial support by day and by night. All our models are available as Night VFR certified in accordance with BCAR Section T, CRIE-01, and FAA Primary Category.

The AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinel offers:

  • Police radio system integration with live number plate recognition and 7″ control screen
  • Third radio integration for aux communications
  • Integrated camera display panel and controls
  • Removable passenger seat control stick
  • Heated seat with lumbar support, perfect comfort for long missions
  • Heated and well-ventilated cabin for cold or hot mission environments
  • Side-by-side seating for the excellent camera operator to pilot communications.

Click here to view the AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinel’s ability to track cars and read vehicle registrations – YouTube

Cavalon Sentinel AutoGyro 360degree Cavalon Experience
AutoGyro 360degree Cavalon Experience

Cavalon Amphib

Introducing the Cavalon Amphib – the ultimate land and floating platform designed for professional use. Equipped with floats and retractable gear, a powerful Rotax 915 – or even 916 – engine, and state-of-the-art avionics, this high-quality aircraft offers superior performance, versatility, and safety features for a wide range of applications.

The Cavalon Amphib’s unique amphibious capabilities make it ideal for operations in both land and water environments. Its well-proven floats allow for smooth takeoffs and landings on water, while the pneumatically lowered landing gear makes it a breeze to operate on normal airfields, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety in any operation. In addition to its impressive performance, the Cavalon Amphib also features a range of advanced safety features, such as LED gear position and locked indicators. With its robust airframe and modern avionics, this aircraft offers unparalleled safety and reliability, ensuring your peace of mind while in the air or on the ground.

The Cavalon Amphib’s spacious cabin and ergonomic seats provide maximum comfort for passengers, making it an ideal choice for transportation and scenic tours. The large windows also provide stunning panoramic views of the surroundings, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for passengers. This aircraft is suitable for a wide range of applications, including in-shore and off-shore coastal patrol, offshore oil- and gas operations, aerial photography, search and rescue missions, cargo transportation and more. With its impressive performance, advanced capabilities and versatility, the Cavalon Amphib is designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging professional environments.

So, whether you’re looking for an aircraft for marine or land operations, the Cavalon Amphib is the perfect choice for you. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in professional aviation.

Cavalon XC Amphibious

AutoGyro 360degree Cavalon Experience
AutoGyro 360degree Cavalon Experience

AutoGyro delivers three Cavalon Sentinel gyroplanes to the Turkish Gendarmerie

Hildesheim, January 31, 2023 – AutoGyro GmbH, the world-leading gyroplane manufacturer from Germany, hands over three Cavalon Sentinel gyrocopter aircraft fully equipped with a unique package of police systems and cameras to the Gendarmerie of the Republic of Türkiye (Turkish Jandarma).

Once deployed, the AutoGyro aircraft will support traffic monitoring and aerial surveillance in rural and urban areas for the General Directorate of Security in Türkiye as well as wildfires survey and control.

At the handover ceremony on January 31st at Hildesheim Airfield in Germany, Gerald Speich, Chairman of the AutoGyro Board, stated: “The Turkish, German and Ukrainian teams have been working on this government procurement project for two and half years, and have been building these unique gyroplanes for over three months. Today’s event is a culmination of this immense international teamwork, and involved every person in the AutoGyro Team. We are the only manufacturer in the gyroplane sector complying with all major national regulations. And our aircraft comply with the highest worldwide safety requirements. AutoGyro is immensely proud that our aircraft will be supporting the Turkish Jandarma for many years to come. Providing an effective, low cost solution to their policing needs.”

After two days of acceptance trials at AutoGyro Headquarters in Hildesheim, Germany. The Jandarma Acceptance Team, together with Sky Olympos (AutoGyro’s official distributor in Türkiye). Formally received the three aircraft from AutoGyro during the January 31st ceremony. With representatives from the Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Lower Saxony, Civil Aviation Authority Lower Saxony and Niedersachsen Aviation attending. The three Cavalon Sentinel were prepared for dispatch and commencement of aerial operations afterwards.
“This successful delivery not only highlights the innovative excellence of AutoGyro. It also marks the huge step that AutoGyro has made in the design, configuration and supply of gyroplanes for commercial and government use,” Gerald Speich continues.

  • The Cavalon Sentinel is AutoGyro’s premium side-by-side seat model, powered by the ultra-reliable and low fuel burn Rotax 915iS engine.
  • The gyrocopter aircraft has an operational range of four hours, or approximately 600 kilometers.
  • It carries special customer-defined equipment including a high-res day-, night- and infrared camera system with real-time data link. This system provides a best-in-class solution in day and night conditions.
  • By officially adding AutoGyro gyroplanes to the Jandarma’s aircraft fleet. The aircraft and parts become available to other NATO member countries through NATO’s procurement system.

A gyroplane is not a helicopter or a traditional winged aircraft, providing a vehicle platform complimentary to both. They are inherently safe aircraft, with a very broad speed range. They can be flown very slowly. Even to zero kilometers per hour. Making them an excellent observation platform perfect for border or highway patrols or wildfire spotting. Gyroplanes have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to helicopters. And generally offer a cost-efficient and environment-friendly alternative for commercial aerial tasks.

AutoGyro Cavalon enters the Chinese market officially

AutoGyro Cavalon Type Certification in China is now complete!

Between April 2020 to February 2022 AutoGyro and Southwest CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) carried out an almost two-year documentation audit to enable the release of the Cavalon Type Certificate. This long journey started in 2015 when the documents were originally compiled. With the joint efforts of both teams and support from the Airworthiness Certification Department of CAAC, AutoGyro gratefully received the Cavalon Type Certification in China in October 2022. Cavalon Night VFR and three-axis Autopilot operations were approved at the same time.

Cavalon is the first aircraft equipped with Rotax 915iS engine to receive airworthiness approval in China. The Type Certification of Cavalon marks the official entry of this model into the Chinese market, at the same time a significant milestone for the AutoGyro company.

AutoGyro is very proud that all AutoGyro models, MTOsport 2010, MTOsport 2017, Calidus, and Cavalon, have received airworthiness approval certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). AutoGyro is the only brand in the Chinese gyroplane market that has received airworthiness approvals from CAAC (China), FAA (the USA), CAA (the UK), and DULV (Germany).