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Pilot Handbooks and Information Letters

Pilot Information Letters

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AG-PIL-2023-01-EN Gyroplane yaw management and effects on controls

Pilot Operating Handbooks

Here our Pilot Operating Handbooks are available for download. For country variants of the manuals please contact
international sales partners.

Cavalon 912ULS and 914UL engines

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POH CV 3.1 EN [5.1MB]

Cavalon Rotax 915 IS

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POH_CV915 1.1 EN.PDF [8.0MB]

MTOsport 2017 912UL and 914ULS engines

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POH-M17 1.1 EN [8.9MB]

MTOsport 2017 915iS

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POH_M7_915_1.1_EN [6.1MB]

Below are the Change Journals for the Pilot Operating Handbooks.