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Now available: the brand new AutoGyro Cavalon brochure

We are thrilled to announce the brand new AutoGyro Cavalon product brochure is now available online. It features the latest product information round about the Cavalon and the service that AutoGyro provides.

It contains:

  • The brand new product features such as the leather seat cover and the light-weight nose wheel cover
  • The brand new built-in configurations on the cockpit dashboard:
    • Garmin Autopilot (GFC 500)
    • Wireless connection with mobile devices (PowerFlarm Fusion)
    • Night version assistance (Garmin GNC 255 Radio/NAV)
    • USB port (GSB 15)
    • Heater control panel
  • The extended information of exterior and interior customization
  • The entire cockpit configuration is in one place
  • Dedicated pages incorporating Cavalon design concept, customer care, commercial model, and certification information

At AutoGyro, we strive for non-stop innovation and continuous improvement for customers, from design to technology, from product to service.

Please feel free to download the brochure from our product page, or directly click the link as below. We look forward to hearing from you!