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Our remarkable floating platform.

Fitting floats give the MTOsport amazing capability to operate safely along coastlines or lakes fronts where landing and take-off from water are required. This is friendly-face coastal monitoring at its best with low noise, low carbon footprint, excellent performance, and a perfect observation platform.

Maximizing innovation and flexibility, this adaptation of the MTOsport is as versatile as it is technically thought-through and even available as an after-market kit. The Nautic offers access to a wide range of applications that require operation around and over water. The Nautic floats are semi-rigid inflatable and can be swopped with wheels with minimal tools and equipment for normal inland operations.

The MTOsport 2017 equipped with floats can land and take off safely from water, and because of the extremely slow landing speed, can also land safely on firm ground. With a fuel capacity of 96 liters, it can achieve a safe endurance of 4 hours. Our floating platform provides the best opportunity to carry out maritime missions, such as patrol, rescue, and surveillance, whether operating inland or along the coast.

Floats are also available as fully amphibious instead of convertible between floats and wheels. See the MTOamphib.

Main application areas:

  • Unique tourist experience
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Maritime, river, lake monitoring and rescue 
  • Coastal patrol

The Float package is available as a new-build option or retrofit kit. Approval from local aviation authorities may be necessary.

Skymaris AutoGyro MTOnautic