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AutoGyro Cavalon enters the Chinese market officially

AutoGyro Cavalon Type Certification in China is now complete!

Between April 2020 to February 2022 AutoGyro and Southwest CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) carried out an almost two-year documentation audit to enable the release of the Cavalon Type Certificate. This long journey started in 2015 when the documents were originally compiled. With the joint efforts of both teams and support from the Airworthiness Certification Department of CAAC, AutoGyro gratefully received the Cavalon Type Certification in China in October 2022. Cavalon Night VFR and three-axis Autopilot operations were approved at the same time.

Cavalon is the first aircraft equipped with Rotax 915iS engine to receive airworthiness approval in China. The Type Certification of Cavalon marks the official entry of this model into the Chinese market, at the same time a significant milestone for the AutoGyro company.

AutoGyro is very proud that all AutoGyro models, MTOsport 2010, MTOsport 2017, Calidus, and Cavalon, have received airworthiness approval certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). AutoGyro is the only brand in the Chinese gyroplane market that has received airworthiness approvals from CAAC (China), FAA (the USA), CAA (the UK), and DULV (Germany).

AutoGyro’s Partner Meeting and Fly-In 2022, strengthening the extensive global partner and customer network

  • AutoGyro’s partner meeting and Fly-In took place from 24-27 August 2022, strengthening the global network for partners and customers alike
  • During the meeting. AutoGyro’s partners were informed of the latest company and new product developments. And given the opportunity to pass their key perspectives and ideas back to the development team.
  • The Fly-In event provided a bonding event for AutoGyro’s large global customer base to connect with each other. And with the AutoGyro Team. It further ignites passion in customers by passing on practical skills in aircraft operation and maintenance

This is the first reunion for partners and customers after global travelling has been reopened.

Auto-Gyro Fly In Event 2022

AutoGyro’s partner meeting is an annual conference. At the conference, AutoGyro’s international distributors are able to get detailed company and product updates. As well as to exchange experiences and ideas with each other. This year, partners from the USA, the UK, Costa Rica, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, and France gathered at the company headquarters. The discussion covered various topics from company development, technical support, and product innovation to sales and marketing approaches.

Key topics were stated and discussed:

  • AutoGyro is committed to developing customer-centric gyroplane models. And features to meet diverse requirements, both in the recreational and commercial markets
  • Maintenance training will be continued for the international partners, with updated information and knowledge tailored for the latest AutoGyro models
  • AutoGyro targets a highly engaged international AutoGyro community. To provide aircraft that inspire, excite and drive the passion of flight, whatever the application

The Fly-In event attracted AutoGyro’s worldwide customers to AutoGyro’s Hildesheim production base. Trial flights enabled our guests to experience the most advanced gyroplane technology. For example, the integration of a fully certified Autopilot on Cavalon. Furthermore, they obtained practical skills in the operation and maintenance of gyroplanes via various workshops. On top of these programs. AutoGyro opened the entire production line for visitors. Letting them witness the sophistication of gyroplane manufacture and the real spirit of craftsmanship at AutoGyro. All AutoGyro employees were invited to the Fly-In event to celebrate this festive moment with partners and customers together.

On the evening of the Fly-In day. AutoGyro’s partners, customers and employees came together and enjoyed food, drink and live music. As the Co-CEOs Gerry Speich and Aleksandra Witkowska addressed in the welcome speech: “We are immensely grateful and proud of our partners and loyal customers. Tonight, let’s celebrate together! ”

The Cavalon with amphibious floats now officially certified in Canada

The Cavalon with amphibious floats is now officially certified in Canada.

Additionally to the MTOnautic, the tandem seated certified amphibious gyroplane model, AutoGyro Canada has announced the formal airworthiness release of Cavalon, fitted with amphibious floats. 

This amphibious Cavalon variant gives the flexibility to take off and land directly on the water, or traditional runways. This is aircraft can be assigned to multiple on or off-shore tasks such as tourist sightseeing, beach patrols, fishing, and pollution control.

Start the fun and convenience with the amphibious Cavalon today

Tel: 418-580-8912

Address: 767, rang Marigot, Saint-Apollinaire, Québec, G0S 2E0


AutoGyro Germany exhibits the first and only street legal gyroplane and the first formally approved Autopilot in a gyroplane at AERO Friedrichshafen 2022

  • AutoGyro Germany will showcase in AERO Friedrichshafen 2022, and present the latest innovation and developments of AutoGyro GmbH at the booth B3-207
  • Three of the latest AutoGyro aircraft models are demonstrated at the show, including GyroMotion
  • With the street legal gyroplane, GyroMotion, the only gyroplane which can legally fly and drive on the road, AutoGyro, partnered with AutoGyro Nirvana (AGN), is leading the class again in the gyroplane segment
  • The all-new Cavalon cockpit showcases the latest cockpit design with the first Autopilot formally approved in gyroplane use
  • AutoGyro Germany is the officially appointed AutoGyro distributor for the German and Austrian markets

AERO Friedrichshafen 2022, Europe’s largest General Aviation event will be opened from Wednesday 27th until Saturday 30th of April, 2022. AutoGyro aircraft will be presented at the booth B3-207 to the worldwide audience, this year through the stand of AutoGyro Germany, the authorized AutoGyro distributor for the German and Austrian markets.

Three models of AutoGyro will be demonstrated at the event, including the latest version of Cavalon equipped with the all-new Cavalon cockpit, the Calidus equipped with the hybrid air mobility GyroMotion package, and the MTOsport 2017 915iS.

One of the clear focuses of AERO 2022 is sustainable aviation. Sustainability comes in many forms, and for AutoGyro it is in the use of electric drive to complete the pilots’ journey to their destination from the airfield. For this need AutoGyro Nirvana (AGN), supported by AutoGyro GmbH, developed GyroMotion, a revolutionary hybrid personal air and road mobility solution. GyroMotion is a development of the proven AutoGyro Cavalon and Calidus models. Flight propulsion is provided by a combustion engine, and road propulsion via electric motors, which solves the problem of “the last mile to the destination” that every pilot knows. AutoGyro is pioneering in this gyroplane segment with real world use. GyroMotion is the only gyroplane type that can legally drive and fly today, as seen in multiple videos from around the world. AutoGyro GmbH and AutoGyro Nirvana (AGN) have joined forces to bring this aircraft concept from limited prototype production into series production.

Moreover, the world’s premiere of all-new Cavalon cockpit showcases the first formally approved Autopilot. The integration of the 7″ and 10″ Garmin G3X into the cockpit panel at the same time maximizes the display of the primary flight data and supports pilots to monitor the flight in the simplest way. The Garmin Autopilot and Single Level Control reduce pilots’ workload significantly, so that pilots can focus on complex flights or airspace requirements, reducing pilot fatigue and enhancing pilot and crew safety. The connectivity with personal mobile devices is further incorporated into the new design, which ensures seamless integration of the personal digital world into the flight experience.

This is the first time for AutoGyro Germany to present AutoGyro products at the AERO Friedrichshafen. AutoGyro Germany was authorized as the official AutoGyro distributor in July 2021 and is responsible for the German and the Austrian markets. The Managing Director of AutoGyro Germany Jannik Albers expressed his proudness and excitement: “AutoGyro represents the innovation and quality of ‘Made in Germany’. As the world market leader in gyroplanes, together we are confidently fostering new aircraft sales and services in our markets, and provide the best service we can to our customers.”

Both the AutoGyro Germany and the AutoGyro GmbH teams will be on the stand to support the large international AutoGyro customer base.

Now available: the brand new AutoGyro Cavalon brochure

We are thrilled to announce the brand new AutoGyro Cavalon product brochure is now available online. It features the latest product information round about the Cavalon and the service that AutoGyro provides.

It contains:

  • The brand new product features such as the leather seat cover and the light-weight nose wheel cover
  • The brand new built-in configurations on the cockpit dashboard:
    • Garmin Autopilot (GFC 500)
    • Wireless connection with mobile devices (PowerFlarm Fusion)
    • Night version assistance (Garmin GNC 255 Radio/NAV)
    • USB port (GSB 15)
    • Heater control panel
  • The extended information of exterior and interior customization
  • The entire cockpit configuration is in one place
  • Dedicated pages incorporating Cavalon design concept, customer care, commercial model, and certification information

At AutoGyro, we strive for non-stop innovation and continuous improvement for customers, from design to technology, from product to service.

Please feel free to download the brochure from our product page, or directly click the link as below. We look forward to hearing from you!

AutoGyro Calidus is now fully released to the French market at an increased maximum take-off weight

With the strong support from our AutoGyro French Partner Fly Aero, one more AutoGyro model is fully approved and released to the French market. The AutoGyro Calidus has now been approved to the French ultralight aircraft standard with an MTOW (maximal take-off weight) of 500kg and is available to French customers with immediate effect.

Calidus is our tandem seated gyroplane model with a closed cabin. Since the market release in 2009, Calidus is particularly favoured by flight schools, tourism, and law enforcement agencies. Thanks to the built-in cabin heater and adjustable seat position, this gyroplane model offers an excellent combination of cabin comfort and a unique flying experience. This configuration provides the passenger in the rear seat an indoor lounge environment without losing the panorama view in the air.

Fly Aero has been partnered with AutoGyro since 2005. They are fully authorized as a distribution and maintenance partner of AutoGyro. Apart from the updated Calidus, the AutoGyro models of Cavalon, MTOclassic and MTOsport 2017 are also available for French customers. For more details, please contact Stéphane Kübler from Fly Aero direct via

AutoGyro Presents Green Airborne Solutions at Helitech EXPO 2021 in London

At the Helitech EXPO 2021 which was held on 5th and 6th October in London, AutoGyro has presented green airborne solutions for professional applications and showcasing safe, cost-effective and reliable aircraft platforms which are specialized for business, public services and governments.

Five product variants from AutoGyro product portfolio are designed and customized for professional applications: Cavalon / MTOsport Sentinel with built-in day and infrared camera, Cavalon Surveying with scanners, MTOnautic with floats, MTOagric & MTOterminator with spray equipment, and MTOtrigo with extra seats. The application range varies from surveillance, search and rescue, coast patrol, airborne laser scanning, 3D city modeling to pest control, medical evacuation and goods transportation.

All of them are fully certified by multiple national aviation authorities and even operate with standard category Certificates of Airworthiness. With a fuel burn down to less than 20L/H, and a noise footprint of less than 65dB, AutoGyro gyroplanes are the direct solution to reducing operational cost and carbon footprint. 

This year, AutoGyro is strategically expanding its market of professional applications. Co-CEO of AutoGyro GmbH Gerry Speich said: “We want to showcase our expertise in state-of-the-art and green airborne solutions. We are already the market leader in this area, and it is time to show the world what AutoGyro can do.” 

The AutoGyro models for professional application are widely accepted by global customers. With these versatile professional platforms, AutoGyro is aiming to assist public services agencies and uplift special businesses in multiple industrial sectors.

Cavalon celebrates its production anniversary: 10 years 500 Cavalon – A new milestone of AutoGyro

The Cavalon N696BS sails away to the USA on September 9, 2021. This means that AutoGyro has dispatched Cavalon serial number 500! 

The Cavalon is the first and only model from AutoGyro with side-by-side seats, which provides both occupants a great outside view and the ability to see each other face to face for a true joint piloting experience. Since its introduction on the international markets in 2011, it has been the world market favorite for social side-by-side flying. Immediately after the aircraft was launched, Cavalon received the Red Dot Design Award and was honored to be exhibited in the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany. Within two years AutoGyro had delivered 100 versions of the aircraft. And in 2014, AutoGyro designed, assembled and test flew the first-ever e-Cavalon, equipped with an electric engine from Bosch. 

Several versions of Cavalon exist with different engine and propeller combinations. Some of them are dedicated to serving the commercial world. The new Cavalon Sentinel follows this lead. Equipped with the UKRSPECSYSTEMS day and infrared camera, autopilot, and many other extras, this configuration is carefully targeted for roles in Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Fire patrols and monitoring. 

“We are immensely proud that the AutoGyro team in Hildesheim has another milestone to record. More than 3000 gyroplanes created by AutoGyro are now in service in our global market. Our passion and commitment to both the ultralight and professional gyroplane market, and to our global customers, will never stop.” said Co-CEO of AutoGyro GmbH Gerry Speich.

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